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Strategic and Direction Leadership

The Strategic Direction and Leadership (SDL) unit will work to provide technical support and strategic direction to HakiElimu’s staff to ensure quality service delivery.  SDL unit will facilitate performance monitoring and evaluation of HakiElimu’s work, document lessons and best practices, report and facilitate institutional capacity development learning processes and the quality control of media work, publications, systems and website.

The overall expected outcomes for SDL include seeing HakiElimu’s work resulting into an existence of “An Open, Just and Democratic Society with Quality Education for All”.  This will be enabled through increased involvement and technical support from Development Partners (donors), Board Directors and Members in strategic implementation of the program; HakiElimu and partners actively engaged in advocating for improved quality of education, gender equity, governance and transparency; Increased trust and credibility of HakiElimu’s work; Functional systems and qualified teams for effective implementation of the strategic program; and Stimulated debate influencing change on education issues.

To realize the above outcomes, the SDL unit proposes the following outputs: Meetings, dialogues and technical consultations conducted; Training and technical support to staff provided; Effective and supportive policies systems and procedures in place; Results-based monitoring (outcome mapping focusing on impact assessment and reporting, case studies documentation), program evaluation (midterm review and final evaluation), feedback and demonstrated experiences that contribute to improved learning outcomes documented;

On an annual basis, HakiElimu will organize a retreat to review the past, document progress and lessons learnt and prepare a narrative report and annual work plan. The annual workplan will draw from the program strategy and determine detailed objectives, indicators and activities. The annual work plans will be shared with the board for subsequent approval and with development partners (donors) for their inputs and financial resource negotiation. Detailed quarterly activity plans will be developed drawing from the annual workplan to guide their implementation and monitor results. Staff will use the plans on an ongoing basis with the supportive supervision from managers. Quarterly reviews and plans will be conducted to review the previous quarter and to finalize the upcoming quarter. Performance reviews in the form of mid-term evaluations and job evaluations as per HakiElimu guidelines will be conducted.


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