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Finance and Administration

HakiElimu’s performance and success depends heavily on its personnel, effective and well designed policies and procedures, excellent and smooth and communication systems which support the organization to achieve its objectives. HakiElimu will continue to improve and adhere to already existing user-friendly administrative and financial systems that are functional and efficient in support of smooth implementation of HakiElimu’s program. HakiElimu will continue to observe principles of accountability, transparency and stewardship of financial resources entrusted to the organization by using financial systems, policies and procedures that are aligned with International Financial Reporting Standards. FAM will work to see an effective and smooth implementation of HakiElimu’s Strategic Program.

To realize the above goal the unit has set two outcomes: Finance and administration policies, information systems and procedures will be adhered to; and HakiElimu will demonstrate a high level of accountability and credibility. The outputs for this unit include: Financial regulations; Human resources management and administration policies improved; Physical and social well-being of HakiElimu staff promoted; Staff demonstrate competency and professionalism; Supportive working environment; Procurement, stores and assets effectively managed; and Functional and efficient communication outside and within the organization.

1.1.  Human resource management

HakiElimu staff, commitment, professionalism, dedication and teamwork are critical to achieve the program strategy. HakiElimu will recruit people based on their experience and competence using in-depth interviews which will include on-job interviews. New staff will undergo orientation on vision, mission, core values, objectives and program outcomes. The competent manpower will then be deployed and provided with necessary working tools. Each staff will receive a job description and detailed expected performance criteria, and their performance will be supported to implement HakiElimu’s program. Staff appraisals will be conducted to facilitate staff to identify their achievements, areas for growth and individual development. Staff welfare will be undertaken by HakiElimu as per administrative regulations and their capacity improved. The staffing levels and structure which appear in the annex were approved by the Boards of Directors. The overall principle guiding the review of the staff structure and package was to strike a balance between protecting the sustainability of the organization and boosting staff morale. Future staff will be promoted through self-learning, training and participation in challenging processes. This will be done through mentoring, coaching, reading books and attending short and long courses and exchange visits. Learning needs will be identified through the appraisal process. HakiElimu will continue engaging interns and international resource persons. Interns will be provided with an opportunity to work alongside experienced staff in analysis, program development, writing, activism, etc and will participate in all meetings open to staff. HakiElimu benefits from their contribution and staff learn from interaction with them, thus making this engagement mutually beneficial. International resource persons represent an opportunity for intellectual and cultural exchange. HakiElimu staff learnskills through interaction with the resource people who are usually strong in writing and presentation skills and in turn the volunteers return better informed about the Global South and motivated to make a difference.

1.2. Office Environment Management

The function of this component under administration is to ensure that HakiElimu’s office is provided with reliable utilities such as water and electricity and housed in a cleaned, maintained, safe and welcoming environment for staff.  Office assets and services will be procured and managed effectively. Building renovation, when necessary, will be undertaken to provide sufficient space for all employees. Repair of working tools and equipment will likewise be done accordingly.

1.3. Procurement and Asset Management

The procurement and logistics’ function is to ensure that office equipment is procured and used efficiently and maintained in good working condition at all times. The process involves identification of vendors who will provide services and supplies to the organization. The unit is also responsible for preparing of a list of materials and items to be purchased. Another task is to seek quotes and assess them as per policies and procure goods and services to facilitate implementation of activities.

1.4. Communication and document management

Communication and document management functions as a face of HakiElimu since the function is to receive visitors and answer telephones. It ensures that faxes, emails and other documents are coded, registered, distributed and properly filed. The key duties lie therefore in receiving visitors and directing them to the relevant staff. It will also be responsible for ensuring that contacts are organized for reliable communication for maintaining contacts and filing of documents.

 1.5. HakiElimu Information  and Communication Management

FAM will promote and manage a high quality, informative and interactive website with interesting and relevant and up to date information on HakiElimu and education issues. HakiElimu will manage and provide high quality, functional and reliable information technology systems for effective work and communication.

 1.6. Accountability and stewardship

HakiElimu will continue to observe principles of accountability, transparency and stewardship of financial resources entrusted to the organization by using financial systems, policy and procedures that are in alignment with International Financial Reporting Standards. The unit is also tasked to ensure that HakiElimu’s assets are well managed and resources are solicited, disbursed and reported according to plans and contractual agreements. In order to assess financial integrity, HakiElimu accounts are audited annually by an internationally recognized external firm appointed by the members of HakiElimu upon board recommendation. The audited financial statements are scrutinized by the board of directors and approved by members at the annual general meeting before being forwarded to partners and donor partners and posted to HakiElimu’s website. FAM also ensures that budgets are developed as per the program strategy and expenditures managed as per financial regulations. The unit facilitates other units to produce accurate, cost-effective and realistic annual and quarterly budgets with timely approval by the ED, always with value for money as a foundational principle.


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