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Research and Policy Analysis

Research and Policy Analysis, where HakiElimu will use the research findings, analyze the policy to better improve education. Another component will be Resource Transparency and Accountability which focuses on issues of greater transparency and accountability in the allocation and use of public resources; this is achieved by conducting budget analysis, tracking public expenditure. Monitoring Government policy and decisions is the third component where RPA will review education programs and provide citizens capacity to monitor policy implementation and government promises. RPA unit will also conduct vigorous evaluations in education issues and advocate for best practices that will contribute into improvement of learning. These evaluations will focus on identifying models/approaches, process and strategies that have proved to contribute into learning outcomes and quality, good governance and transparency in education and democracy.

 RPA will critically raise issues that will contribute towards improving the quality of education.  Research will be vigorous and more deeply conducted in order to improve learning and provide evidence to influence change.  The strategy will generate knowledge and information to promote broader debate.  Budget analysis and public expenditure tracking will be conducted which with a focus on greater transparency and accountability in the allocation and use of public resources. HakiElimu will continue monitoring Government policies and decisions to provide citizens information and the capacity to monitor policy implementation and Government promises.

 The outcomes for the RPA unit include the following: Citizens using information from research, budget and policy analysis to make a difference in education; An increased level of consultations and transparency between CSOs, MoEVT, MoFEA, LGAs and other related institutions; MPs and executives are responsive to citizens’ needs and demands; Schools and other related institutions are adopting effective approaches to improve learning; and Enhanced and strategic assessment of the teaching and learning processes exists at the school level.

 The proposed outputs to realize the above outcomes include the following: Research, policy and budget analysis conducted and disseminated; Enhanced capacity of Friends of Education and partners in policy and budget analysis; Budget work conducted and strategically engaged with specific ministries; Evaluation and analysis of gender equity; Training and strategic dialogues with MPs on key issues facilitated; Government promises and implementation monitored; and Demonstrated experiences that contribute to improved learning outcomes documented.

 For the 2012 – 2016 strategy, RPA activities are centered on the following:

 1.1.  Research, evaluation and analysis

RAP will conduct in-depth research studies in various districts on topics related to quality education and human rights and continue to develop annual policy position papers on key education issues. Along with in-depth research studies and position papers, desk and library research will be conducted to evaluate the performance of the implementation of policies and programs such as the Primary Education Development Program (PEDP) and the Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP). Evaluations will be conducted, policies and budgets of the education sector will be analyzed, and what works will be documented and disseminated.  Findings from research and review of the implementation of these key national programs will be shared with the wider community at the grassroots and national levels to stimulate discussion, debate and raise awareness among citizens and thus enable them to take action in their own areas so as to hold policy makers and the Government to account in order to improve education.

 1.2. Resource transparency and accountability

RAP will conduct budget analyses of the education sector, public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS), trainings to councilors on budget issues and analyses of CAG reports to produce simplified briefs. All of these reports and briefs will be disseminated to the public and used for HakiElimu advocacy work to strive for greater transparency and accountability in the use of public resources.

 1.3. Monitoring governance

RAP will systematically monitor promises and directives made by top Government officials on education, human rights, budgets and governance-related issues. The promises will be analyzed and shared with wider public. In addition, promises and commitments made by ministers in Parliament will be monitored through Parliamentary Hansards and shared with  the wider community. To measure to what extent the government implements its promises, RAP will monitor the implementation of government promises in relevant districts. The reports from these monitoring activities will be shared with citizens to enable them to hold the Government to account for its promises and decisions.


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