The complex context of quality of learning presents a number of challenges in relation to management, financing and provision of learning inside the classroom. The strategy will strive to conduct further research as well as use other current research to advocate and stimulate debate around these issues.  To achieve this outcome, the strategy will galvanize efforts and resources towards making substantial contributions to improving the effectiveness of funding allocations to schools, accountability and policy decisions that impact learning.  The strategy will focus also on improving literacy and numeracy and realizing an education that equips children with the capacities of critical thinking and creativity.  The language of instruction in Tanzania is purportedly a considerable barrier to the provision of quality education, and therefore emphasis will be put on advocating for increased competency in the language of instruction.  HakiElimu’s capacity to advocate aggressively and strategically will be further strengthened by deepening the organization’s knowledge through evidence-based research, advocacy, evaluations and demonstration of what works in improving the quality of learning as well as documenting and reporting effective results