Transparency and accountability in the use of public resources are increasingly recognized as key ingredients in development and governance. As such, a key aim will be to promote transparency of public policy and budget documents to improve development results, including learning outcomes.  This strategy will advocate for public access to information concerning the budget process, policy formulation and implementation and performance results. We will push for the timely provision of information so as to provide citizens sufficient opportunities to independently analyze it, understand and interpret the data and provide inputs.  We will also focus on securing space for citizens to meaningfully engage in the policy and budget processes. The strategy will also work to influence government institutions and Parliamentarians to not only open doors for citizen participation and consultation but also listen to and embrace new ideas and innovations presented by citizens, CSOs and other stakeholders who aim to improve transparency, responsibility, accountability, governance, human rights, democratic decisions and education. 

 HakiElimu will build upon its research methodology so as to continue to conduct critical, evidence-based research to strengthen the advocacy around vital issues that improve the quality of policy development, implementation and practice, deepen transparency, expand good governance and achieve citizen engagement and democratic decisions in the education sector.